All property ownership and GIS Data is available to you, from the experienced GIS team at West Virginia Parcel Data.


Parcel data is at the core of performing spatial analysis and creating GIS-based mapping. It allows users to visually represent county parcel ownership information, land attributes and other industry-specific items. Our West Virginia county parcel data will enable you to display valuable information that is associated with properties including valuations, ownership, service areas, legal and more. Parcel data also enables sophisticated spatial analysis such as proximity, overlay and buffers.


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WEST VIRGINIA County Parcel Ownership data GIS Data

Shapefile layers included for each West Virginia county:

• Ownership
• Parcel polygons

Optional layers may include:

• City Limit Boundaries
• Lot Lines
• Flood Plains
• Aerials
• Railroads
• Utilities
• Voter Districts

Meta Data

Format: Shapefile   (.shp)